Logging Program for 2018 San Francisco
2-Meter QSO Party

This program (sflogger.exe) was developed using the Windows 10 operating system. It will probably work on other versions of Windows and possibly in Windows emulation software of other operating systems. This is the fourth year this program has been made available and it is largely the same as the 2017 version except for updating the contest date and time, adding the new exchange item (first name) and a few other tweaks. Anti-Virus programs tend to dislike programs that are not widely used so you may get a warning and need to tell the A-V program to go ahead and open it.

Providing your contact information (name,ham callsign, and email address) is optional but will allow me to contact you when and if updates to the program or manual become available.

The program is provided to you free of charge. If you can find time to do some testing and provide feedback, your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Please download and review the manual. Testing prior to the date of the contest is recommended.

I hope to make revised versions available as bugs are identified and squashed. In any case, there should be a revision available by mid-August, if needed. Please do send feedback with bug or problem reports, suggestions, or other musings to wa3tsp@arrl.net.

Note: You will not be able to install the current version of the program if you have a prior version actually open at the time. Otherwise, however, you should be able to install the current version without deleting or uninstalling a previous version.

Email address

Comments or Questions:

Click the submit button to view the download links that will enable you to get the most recent version which is version 2018.2 (August 4,2018).